About the girl with her name in the URL


I am a Production Artist with a double-major Bachelors Degree in Photography and Graphic Design. I have been working as a Production Artist for 3 years now and mysteriously thrive under pressure and deadlines. I love finding new solutions to problems and working them into my routine. 

Some of my obsessions include: Music, Stevie Nicks, RPG's, Halloween, 90s culture, Horror Movies, guitar-strumming, soap-making, bad impressions, mineral collecting, true crime, cast-iron skillets, creating art, collecting trinkets, and writing songs in the shower only to forget them as soon as I reach a notebook (I should invest in shower microphones like Prince had...) 

I have double-jointed thumbs and can type around 90 words a minute. These two facts are unrelated, but they both involve my hands.